Test about the Gorean City of Tor

You really know about the Tahari and its people? Here are a couple of questions for you about the city of Tor.

If you can answer them all correctly, you win an evening with one of my slaves. For the lads: My slave girl Mag will show you the secrets of the Kamasutra. For the Ladies : You can chose between a male pleasure slave (fresh on stock) or Mag’s Kamasutra lessons (she doesn’t mind the touch of a women either).

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Mercenaries and Outlaws in the Tahari

Yesterday I received a group message form Rear the commander of the “Black Dagger Mercenaries”. What is  that, you might well think, and so did I. Especially when the content of such message implied several confusing things:

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How to Dress for Taharian Role Play

It’s part of the SIM rules to wear the appropriate attire.

However, the waste majority of people you see on the SIM do not dress the part. I have chosen to believe that it’s because of them not knowing any better not because they are ignorant.

Hence the reason I would like to elaborate a little on the topic in today’s article. Lets look at a quote from tribesmen to start with:

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Political Structure of a Tahari Tribe

In this article I want to show once again that Taharian tribes differ substantially from the known Gor as portrayed in most Second Life Gor Sims. Unfortunately most players do not know those differences and apply “normal” Gorean politics to a Tahari SIM. This often results in bizarre structures and players being confused about how to correctly play their characters.

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Castes and the Tahari

Tal Men and Women of the proud Kavar

Those of you who know me already will go now:  Here we go again the infamous pedantic BTB scribe writes again. Wasn’t it nice and quite when she was on Holidays?

For those who don’t know me yet: I am Sheraka of Tyros. Former head scribe and council member of a Tyrian colony called Tem Wood.  There I builded what was considered the biggest library ever in SL Gor, with a collection of scrolls about nearly anything related to Gor. Including some of my own writings which have been published on my blog and on various Gorean portals.

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Oasis of the Red Rock

This description of the oasis of the red rock, confirms what I wrote in earlier posts. The main part of a Tahari Oasis is agriculture. Also, as you can read here, nobody stopped the caravan or even question the raiders. No mentioning of a city wall or gate at all. They just rode in and looked for an inn.

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Alone in the Tahari?

In the following a conversation between Zina a free woman and Hassan the bandit. It clearly shows that one cannot survive alone in the Tahari without an animal to ride on, appropriate cloth and carrying enough water. The person that was send away, even begged to stay in the raiders camp as a slave because she knew, leaving the camp would be her certain death:

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